Improved outcomes for Surrey's vulnerable children and young people

An innovative and smarter way of identifying and supporting Surrey's most vulnerable residents.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Jeremy (Jez) Gibson
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Joined up innovative assesment tool, used across relevant services or agencies that tracks and communicates with the relevant information on supporting the needs of children, young people and their families.

Simple to use for professionals reducing admin time, and improving shared communication between agencies. The software behind it would be designed in a clear and easy way - very simple, visual, easily measuring factors, and becoming increasingly intuitive and intelligent where it needs to be in going into greater depth. Being simple and visual, and using touchscreen media (ie Windows 8, tablets, Apple style), this would ultimately capture the users view (child, young person, family)within the assessment more effectively, increasing their ownership of it and its results, also making plans, reviews and measuring outcomes easier for all. This will be more effective in addressing any issues around literacy, and numeracy, and also individuals learning styles.

No one is offering a way of using these methods in a way that is both client and professional friendly, capturing information more effectively, and reducing admin time. It also would bridge communication between different agencies as they would be using the same system - ie schools, youth services, social service, police etc. The CAF was an attempt at this but in my view has not taken off in the vision that was developed for it, and it is not as inclusive of the users views and potential barriers that this overcomes.

This could track the child all the way through their life / development, clarifying who could support their needs best and communicating this centrally between interested partners, whilst also highlighting issues the whole family may be facing.

  • David Stoker
    03 May at 12:59

    I think this is a good idea - there is no reason I can think of why we can't combine the necessary strength of database with a simplicity of interface. Tablets are getting cheaper making this more affordable, and data entry on the move can reduce data entry time in the office, which ultimately means more time helping residents. A further bonus is that with better data quality reports can be made more quickly and reliably.

  • Amy Tomlins
    17 May at 12:41

    Hi Jez,
    Have you heard about the Patchwork project that's being rolled out in Surrey as part of the family support project? Your idea sounds a bit like that (might be wrong there though!) Have a look at
    Do you see this as something that service users / families would have access to, or just professionals?

  • Kat Stolworthy
    17 May at 17:39

    Hi Jez, There's recently been an RIE in Adults where the outputs of the event included the design of a single (live) assessment (completed by Contact Centre/OT's/SCP's and Reablement Teams) that would ensure questions got asked, answered and captured once. There was a view to design an App to capture these assessments in people's homes. There was also mention of a possible portal to allow residents/ their representatives to see how their assessment was progressing. The Event was only a few weeks ago. I would speak to ASC Transformation team to see how this is progressing and to share learning.