Nectar points

Earn nectar points for doing things on line or for community

No_avatar_small Submitted by Louise Footner
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

Decreases costs of providing services as we can do more on line, makes things easier for residents as they can do stuff whenever they want, residents get a reward from the council (points), builds loyalty and good feelings towards the council. Promotes behaviour change. Can really use it to promote whatever we wish. For example - the more you do online the more points you get - eg renew library books, register births etc, pay council tax, school admissions, reporting potholes, streetlights etc, paying for school meals, Earning points for 'neighbourliness' ie clearing snow, cleaning road signs, cutting bushes back, picking up litter. Youth clubs/community groups could earn points for doing good things Staff volunteering could earn points

  • Amy Tomlins
    15 May at 09:08

    Hi Louise - I've heard that Birmingham Council have done something like this in a pilot to get people recycling more paper (and it's worked!), might be worth looking into if this idea gets picked!

  • Louise Footner
    21 May at 14:37

    Hi Amy - thanks. I've had a chat with them and you're right it has worked for them. They used it to prompt recycling and encourage people to use leisure centres. Apparently it was also good for Nectar which has meant that they are keen to do more things with the public sector.

  • Ben Matthews
    21 May at 14:53

    Great Idea!

    Would you be able to partner with Nectar themselves for this?

  • Louise Footner
    22 May at 16:38

    Yes I believe so

  • Ben Unsworth
    23 May at 16:38

    Mentioned by Sylvia on ChatZone - Runnymede Business Partnership has a loyalty scheme for local residents. The contact is Joanna Swatridge at RBC

  • Sam Muir
    24 May at 13:19

    It would be interesting to consider how we could use this to track behaviour and gain a better picture of how residents use our services (much like Sainsburys and its partners do with Nectar). In a period where localism is being encouraged but resident engagement isn't always forthcoming this could be a great way to extract some data without bothering residents.

  • Geoffrey Delamere
    04 Jun at 11:17

    in terms of 'rewards' for residents for behaviour that earns points , we could offer preferential access to Surrey events eg be at finishing line at major bike race in Surrey

  • Deborah Fox
    19 Jun at 17:28

    We've done some work on this idea in Environment and Infrastructure directorate. We've defined what might be included that is related to our services and we'd love to contribute this to developing the idea corporately