Rasberry Pi

Rasberry Pi computers for all young people at school in Surrey.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Zoe de Haes
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

This will make Surrey an even better place to live, by making it possible for all young people to have a go at programming and develop their computer science skills.

As the use of computers in day-to-day life increases, skills in computer science become ever more valuable.

Rasberry Pi is a cheap, accessible, programming-oriented computer. They cost from only £20, which is cheaper than a lot of textbooks!

This idea is different because it is an affordable and practical solution to developing computer science skills amongst young people. It has been shown to work, has the investment of Google Giving for schools in certain areas, and the support of Michael Gove (Education Secretary).

School children can teach themselves how to programme, supported by tutors in schools. Children could also develop their skills outside school, joining in extra-curricular activities such as the Code Club (Woking) and Young Rewired State events.

  • Gary Green
    21 May at 10:59

    Can we add "tutors for Raspberry pi" to this idea too, so that the school children are taught how to use them? Maybe the idea of the code club in Woking library could be expanded to support this idea. http://news.surreycc.gov.uk/2013/01/25/coding-kids/

  • Ben Unsworth
    29 May at 11:55

    We could also get the guys from Young Rewired State involved https://youngrewiredstate.org

  • Zoe de Haes
    18 Jun at 13:59

    I think part of the beauty of Rasberry Pi is school children can teach themselves, but agree tutor support will help them learn. I have added a piece about tutors to the idea as suggested, and mentioned the Code Club extra curricular activities and Young Rewired Statre events.