'Surrey Streets' App -report potholes/griffiti/fly tip etc.

App pings Council (photo +gps) potholes/fly tip/graffiti/traffic signal problems

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Because it meets the Challenge question you've set head on.

It ticks 2 out of the 3 top most important doorstep issue for Councillors and Residents of Surrey in 2013 (roads and value for money). It affects everyone. Every age.

Stating the obvious, but when these problems aren't addressed in a timely manner, they grow and end up costing much more than they should.

That's not just the cost of a growing pothole, piece of griffiti or pile of tip rubbish, but the knock on costs to the Council and ultimately the Residents of, eg. insurance claims for vehicle damage and personal injury from potholes that haven't been filled, and the costs to administer said claims. Unacceptable at every level. I won't bore you with the statistics, but have a look at this article...http://news.sky.com/story/1064294/potholes-crumbling-road-crisis-warning...

So a pothole that might cost £50-£75 pounds to repair ends up costing us 10 times that! It's dangerous, it's wasteful and it's ugly.

Some Councils are already offering a version of this App. It's cheap, simple and common sense. And, we've all already got some of the tech resource required to make it happen, in our pockets!

Currently, Residents are guided to report these problems, several clicks into the SCC website.


An App to report potholes/fly tip/ graffiti etc with a photo and linked to GPS. Instantly updates our central database, instantly updates staff work schedules for a timely response to the issue identified making better use of staff time and resources - better value for money.

The App could be designed to be smart enough to add scale/measures to the pic/problem identified, so it allows staff to determine level of urgency/ priority...? So first visit isn't a scouting exercise because we've not been provided enough information, but more often than not - a real fix. Job done.

The App could be piloted with all or some of our 26,000+ staff before being rolled out countywide?

Spin off benefit, SCC could also use the App to provide a Surrey Street 'Works' update to Residents so they can see when and where works are scheduled in their area over the next few months.

Another feature - could be to allow Residents to instantly report traffic signals that are out of sync/ changing too fast or slow etc....resulting in huge bottlenecks of traffic at peak times!!

I know a lot of this information is available on the SCC website, but, I think we can make it a lot more interactive,accessible and real-time.

We could even combine it with the concept of Reward points, for being the first to report the problem!!!

Make it fun? So it shows regional league tables, of which areas of the County are really embracing it.

We could even link it up with Eagle Radio....reporting traffic delays?...

The benefits, short-term, long-term, egoistic, altruistic, are exponential. Empowering Residents, to keep Surrey safe, beautiful.... and moving!! It's the App-gift that would just keep on giving....

~Please let me know whether someone's already working on this for SCC...if they are - Hallelujah!! If not - please consider it.

  • Gary Green
    21 May at 11:46

    Would http://www.fixmystreet.com/ be the solution to this? Android and iphone apps due out soon. It looks like people are already using it (Redhill example http://www.fixmystreet.com/around?latitude=51.238178;longitude=-0.168880), but does that information get to the right people in the right local council?

  • Kat Stolworthy
    21 May at 12:07

    Thanks Gary. Sounds good to me. As you say, they appear to be developing an app. We could explore this to see whether it would work for us/ meet our requirements, maybe even inform it's development...

  • Alice Gould
    22 May at 14:30

    Sounds like a great idea!

  • Kat Stolworthy
    30 May at 14:35

    'Was just wondering. By building 'offering nectar points' into my idea, do I get to count nectar points thumbs ups as mine too? Question for ShiftSurrey ; - )

  • Amy White
    03 Jun at 11:56

    Great idea. It gives residents the chance to report problems then and there as they see them rather than having to remember (and find the time) to log on and wade through the website when they get home. It would be great if the app could be set up to feedback to the person reporting the problem, not just an automated "thank you, we have received your communication" but actually letting them know when they can expect the problem to be addressed (or why it isn't being addressed if that is the case).

  • Kat Stolworthy
    07 Jun at 14:08

    Why not. We could even consider pinging back a pic of the completed job when it's done, with a final 'Thank You for Helping Keep Surrey Beautiful'...or something.

  • Louise Halloway
    19 Jun at 15:43

    We are currently looking at improving the reporting of defects from mobiles - however this is just going to be a web interface improvement. We need highways and their contractors to change processes if it is to look really different. One of the good things about our current system is it takes reports and feeds them directly into the back end highways system. Whatever is developed needs to do that, otherwise there is cost to admin staff who have to re-enter data. We have also had early conversations with borough web people about the idea of doing something jointly. Working together is the way forward!

  • Rob Osborne
    06 Aug at 09:50

    Croydon are doing something along these lines (certainly on the web side of things) as part of their customer access programme.