Somthing to offer

A place to tell people what you have to offer e.g. 'befriending tuesday nights

Doomhead Submitted by Matan Czaczkes
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

A simple website where you can just say where you live, how far you can travel, what you have to offer (tagged by catagory), times and restrictions. This is simmiler to a time bang but without the complexity or need for reciprocity. The idea is to capture all those small bits of goodnss we want to do. It is answering the problem that people want to give somthing, but want their giving to fit around their own timtable and needs.

It will be key that this be used across the vol orgs, especialy the volenteer centres.

If it works well you can imagine members of the public and brokers looking up to see if there is any hyper local good will to draw on.

Lots more to say, but got to rush off now!

  • David Stoker
    29 May at 13:10

    Matan - I read this morning about an American website called Nextdoor that might be expanding to the UK. Apparently it's used for things like sharing recommendations for plumbers, discussing crime prevention and more (I may not do it justice!). I wonder if there might be some crossover here with the kind of micro-volunteering site you espouse.