Make use of tools and information

Improve interaction/info sharing between the council & members of the public.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Gary Green
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live? have developed services and sites to improve information sharing & communication between local/central government & members of the public. eg MP information, FOIs, petitions. We could embed some of these services in our own websites as a step towards transparency and information sharing? This sort of ties in with the FOI idea.

  • Louise Footner
    21 May at 15:02

    Really like the pledge bank and what Barnet has done. In council today the leader was saying that cleaning up Surrey is a priority - ie litter etc. If we could join up with districts and boroughs this could be a good way of achieving some of this. Maybe also bring in nexctar points as a reward for community groups too

  • Stuart Mitchenall
    22 May at 12:06

    The mysociety suggestion is closely connected to the FOI suggestion. FOI a pilot for Mysociety approach.

  • Giuseppina Valenza
    23 May at 08:25

    Agree MySociety builds sites that the public like to use - all Surrey councils e-petition sites were built by MySociety, so makes sense to widen it out. Any FOI solution has to tie in with What do they know?

  • Louise Halloway
    19 Jun at 15:47

    Love MySociety - we developed the e-petitions system with them and ALL of the boroughs - pushed along by the county / borough web group that Giuseppina and I are on. Happy to explore anything further from a web perspective as they are very forward thinking. We used them when we had early conversations about a joint county / borough mobile site.