Mobile Phone Tracking

There appears to be no company wide ,coherent system in place for the tracking of SCC mobile phones or monitoring of their use.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Katherine Kallee
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Once a phone/ Blackberry is issued there is :

No asset logging of handsets by IMT No monitoring of contract usage and reporting so there is the potential for abuse by staff No tracking of handsets once staff leave

This represents a wide margin for fraud, abuse and loss of revenue to SCC.

  • Emma Pope
    05 Jun at 12:58

    In response, I would like to reassure you that mobile devices are recorded, and an asset register is maintained online.
    We also have numerous reports used to monitor phone usage, and addressed with individuals and appropriate managers.

    In regards to leavers, there is a responsibility for the services managers to ensure devices are retained, but we also have leavers reports which is used to assist with this.

    If you require any further information on this please let me know.