Reduce the cost of using public transport in Surrey

Many people in Surrey do not use public transport to get around as it is too expensive, infrequent and lacks the comprehensive couverage that it needs to succeed in moving peopl out of cars and onto buses or trains. In London public transport fares were cut, in the early 1980's, by 50% leading to an increase in revenue by 50% becuase for every two peopl using the buses you got at least one more using the bus/train

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How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

Many roads in Surrey are clogged up with cars particularly during term time but increasingly at other times as well.

By improving the public transport network in Surrey (i.e. more frequent buses, later running services as well as a comprehensive network) and reducing the cost of traveling on public transport it would lead to a reduction in pollution in Surrey.

A single decker bus can take the equivalent of 10 or more car loads.

Currently many bus services run near empty because the fares are so high.

Cheap fares are a risk at the start but would increase revenue in the medium/long term.

  • Gary Green
    14 Jun at 13:57

    How about expanding this idea so that Surrey has a ticket that would cover you on any public transport in the Surrey area. I'm thinking along the lines of a Merseytravel Saveaway ticket or London Transport ticket that covers an area (not just a route) for use on train and bus.

    Also, how about reinstating buses from Guildford to Redhill (and the other way) up until the evening/night, or at least until a reasonable time to include travel home from work. The last one from Guildford is 5:05pm!