A more thorough induction for all

Encouraging better communication between colleagues

No_avatar_small Submitted by Jude Hudson
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

I feel my idea would help to improve the lives of the people of Surrey by improving the service we offer them through opening up communication channels between each other.

A simple idea that could easily be incorperated would be for all staff to have a more thorough induction process. By this I mean new starters spending a bit of time with colleagues from as many different departments within the division/directorate they have joined as possible.

For example, If you came to work in Adult Social Care, having the opportunity to visit and speak with people from the contact centre, locality team, residential homes, commissioning etc).

I'm on the Surrey graduate scheme and have been in the fortunate position of having the opportunity to meet with people from all over the directorates that I have placements in. This has helped me to join up the dots and identify how work within one area of the directorate can have a huge impact on another part.

Perhaps this already happens, but what about staff in the contact centre spending time in the departments that their initial referrals are passed on to? How about social workers spending a bit of time with contact supervision coordinators (and vice versa) to really understand the demands on each other? Maybe this shouldn't just be for new starters either, it could be extended so all members of staff have the opportunity to do this with support from the top of the organisation.