Assign a member of staff with a remit of simplicity

Having someone with the sole mission to simplify could improve our organisation.

No_avatar_small Submitted by David Stoker
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Surrey County Council has thousands of employees, and multiples more processes and documents, many of which are duplicated, outdated and over-complex. This gives us the reputation of being bureaucratic among staff and residents, which damages trust and wastes time.

Organisations like Apple succeed partly because of their uncompromising commitment to simplicity.

Few staff feel able to challenge the processes, because they understandably want to learn them to be good at their jobs, and too quickly this becomes "how we do things".

If it's everyone's job, it's no-one's job.

With someone whose sole job is to challenge complexity where this is not needed, we can provide challenge within the organisation with the ultimate goal of saving staff and residents time. This can often be lost

How this would work would be that the person would be appointed, their role communicated, and they would be given license to work across teams and in meetings ask the question, "how can we make this simpler?"

I see this proposal as a step towards a philosophical shift, away from a reliance on overengineered documentation and guarded knowledge.