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Getting universities to help tackle our big challenges

Image Submitted by Steve Hill
Shift Surrey Challenge - Turning ideas into action
How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

Universities have a big pool of talent which is relatively untapped. Their faculties are diverse and relevant. From design through to engineered solutions. We should be able to leverage this knowledge and expertise and it is right on our doorstep with Kingston, Surrey and Brighton Universities. They often have research and solutions looking for real life problems in economic and socially challenging areas such as an aging population. Assistive living, smart metering, mobile health etc are all examples and there are more. They have platforms in place to tackle the significant challenges. Even better, they have access to central government funding for innovation, have civic aspirations...and would want to work with us. The challenge to universities is to make Surrey an even better place and the idea is to kick off collaboration with UniCamp days where students, academics, researchers and network of SMEs, social enterprises shake up our challenges .....and we see what falls out

  • David Stoker
    18 Jun at 13:38

    Great idea. The CSF PKM team are in the early stages of joining up with Surrey University's Sociology department to collaborate on research projects. Anyone else planted some seeds / grown some plants in this area?

  • Ben Robinson
    19 Jun at 10:51

    I tried and failed to get Kingston University's design school interested in a conversation about applying design principles to public policy challenges, but seems a really obvious step. I know other councils grappling with understanding the impacts of welfare reform have teamed up with local universities and PhD students - the trade off being access to council data.

  • Tanya Boardman
    20 Jun at 08:21

    From a (Kingston) University perspective, we value interactions with external organisations as beneficial to both our students and staff - in terms of preparing for employment and in generating ideas/contributing to research. Sometimes it's a challenge in getting the right people sitting round a table and in providing the right format to deliver results, but we've got some good examples of where it works well for all parties. I know of links between Kingston Uni and SCC in the area of HR and IT.

    I support this as an idea worth developing as a mechanism to support development within Surrey (and wider south east region) particularly in areas where multiple disciplines are required eg tele-health.