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I love Library Plus but footfall is lower than Cafes, put Cafe in voila access

No_avatar_small Submitted by James Painter
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I really like library Plus but always notice the footfall is lower compared to a High Street Cafes whose environment I like less.

When I come through the doors of a Library, I always feel amazed at what is on offer.

Could franchises be offered to Cafes to be run in libraries so the County Council would benefit from the footfall and increased revenue in the current difficult fiancnail climate or these could be run as start ups linked to Youth for the wider vocational benefits.

Such a change would give people a wider reason to come into Libraries to meet and interact.

Young Parents really value specific sessions Baby Bounce could sessions be created for other client groups knitting, Quiz afternoon even open mic sessions etc. I feel there might be a place for a bit of noise which can add atmosphere and feel welcoming.

The other option would be to place satelite book collections into Supermarkets, Cafes or even lunch round vans to get wider input, but I am quite fond of the Library Plus brand.

  • Deborah Fox
    19 Jun at 17:36

    There are other services we could offer at some of our libraries like cycle hire or business start-up facilities