Extend number of Council accredited social media accounts to staff

Image Submitted by Steve Hill
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Social networking through media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc is in the ascendancy and new trends in government to citizen experience show participating in social networks is becoming a key listening and direct engagement model

The idea is to extend the number of Council accredited social media accounts to staff as part of a pilot project to explore the benefits, costs and risks.

There are current social media options. There are a small number of Surrey County Council accredited accounts. Also people operate from personal accounts where work and personal are combined. There is also the pseudonym option. This idea provides a Surrey County Council employee with an accredited social media staff account which is both official and personable. Speaking personally, I would be proud to have twitter: @stevehillSurreyCouncil or similar on my contact details

It could be a great opportunity for staff to provide a real sense of what they do in Surrey and their part in local stories. It also has a more practical side as many of the people we are communicating with are increasing their use of social media. It is also about being realistic about how well we can really listen when the main council twitter account has 8000 followers and we follow 250. This is also a good way to test the type of open culture and degree of trust, empowerment and honesty we want to build with staff and residents

The pilot would need to examine how professional standards are maintained, the type of support and training required so that any mistakes are managed well, the use of social media covering data protection, appropriateness of message etc and the extent of monitoring of social media and the circumstances where messages could be asked to be removed, adapted or indeed removed....but it should also be free to push new boundaries on engagement