Open Data

Opening up data for decision making, communications and services

Image Submitted by Steve Hill
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There is a big push on government being more open and transparent. The recent Shakespeare Report highlights the value of public sector information and the potential value of opening up more data.

We are making positive steps with the opening up our data in the web site and Surrey-I.

This proposal is that we can take it further by targeting data for decision making, communications and services

A small step is we currently present some data in csv files such as Council spending over £500 on the public web site. This could be made more visually friendly.

We could also look at how we can use data to open up new markets and services. The Open Data User Group which supports the Governments Data Strategy Board gathers views of open data users/re-users to influence data releases for free It essentially targets business growth by prioritising data set requests and produces a road map to give visibility on progress. The idea is to apply ODUG learning here in Surrey including implications on privacy, trading revenues and technology