Develop and train a team of trusted Surrey ambassadors. They would provide services currently delivered in expensive contracts - such as home to school transport for children with special educational needs

The council provides some really important and valued services, such as helping children with special educational needs to get to school. This is currently contracted to taxi hire firms. They don't have a pool of trained people to do this. So it is expensive to 'buy' this service. We also have multiple providers. People trust Surrey County Council. So why not train a cohort of trusted people to do this? It would bring costs down, create secure employment, a visible presence for the council and reassurance for parents. Other services may benefit from this approach. We may also decide to have our own liveried electric vehicles that ambassadors would use.

Deborah_fox_march_2013 Submitted by Deborah Fox
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The idea is a cost-cutting measure.It is designed to enhance the council's reputation, whilst reducing risk of a problem caused by an outside provider. We would train a corporate pool of Surrey ambassadors for the task. Some might cover several different areas of trust and responsibility. They would be as cheerful as Olympics ambassadors and professional in approach and checked to the necessary level. The idea is different as it isn't about in house or externalised services. It is isn't about one directorate getting children to school and another one providing another personal service - it's about a corporate approach to having a visible presence in our communities.