Make it easier for charities to take on volunteers

Certificate for volunteers that employers will recognise to get that first job.

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Getting that first job is so difficult when you don't have the work experience. So you've done voluntary work but what paper evidence do you have?

My idea is for a scheme that organisations and charities can sign up to provide some sort of certification that potential employers will recognise along the lines of apprentiships and perhaps involve the Surrey Compact.

This will only work if the amount of red tape organisations and charities have to go through to take on work experience or casual volunteers is reduced. Smaller charities and those where their service is to the young or vulnerable are especially hit. Obviously you need some in this case, but volunteers are put off by the red tape and smaller organisations don't have the staff to manage the extra admin especially when the volunteering is for a short time.

Make volunteering easier for volunteers of all ages Certificate of volunteering recognised by employers *Make the process of allowing volunteers into your organisation or charity less of an overhead.