Surrey TV

A new Surrey satellite TV station could be a valuable way of reaching our many residents to keep them informed of services and help them help themselves.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Siobhan Abernethy
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How can we make Surrey an even better place to live?

Why not tap into technology that most people have? TV is an easy way into people's homes and breaks down the barriers of people unwilling to try or fumbling with new technology particularly among older people. The station could feature some new programmes that we commission, DVDs of all our services and static news and information that coudl be accessed via the red button. We could even consider entertainment! I think start off with a core offer and build from there. And we have to co-design it with our residents - ask them what they would like to see, what would help them? We are such a large council with so many fantastic services this could be a fabulous platform to reach and engage with our residents. In my role we have a huge challenge to reach residents and tell them about services they're not even sure they need to know about or are relevant to them (adult social care) but we have to change their behaviour/choices or the council won't be able to deal with future demand. Using a TV channel could work across so many different age groups and members of the community. Possible name - My Surrey? A My Surrey app might work also but not in as far reaching a way as TV.